Can You Make Puris In Air Fryer

Can you make puris in air fryer

Puris are also called poori. it is a popular food that can be taken at any time .this is an Indian bread made up of wheat flour, salt, and water. 

The dough is made into flat disc shapes and fried in the Oil until it becomes golden. it can be taken with a combination of different curries like potato, chana, paneer, and even with halwa.

These air-fried puris will be two hundred percent better than deep-fried in oil. I can make challenge with you if you are eating oil fried puris till today, after this, you will not eat oil fired again. 

Recipe NameCan You Make Puris In Air Fryer
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Servings6 persons

Ingredients ;

To make puris, we require flour, Oil, and water .by adding other items, it will tastier.

1. Wheat Flour: choose the best quality flour from brands like Ashirvad. Take 2 cups of flour, where you can make 12–14 puris. 

3. Sugar :1 Tablespoon 

2. Suji Rava: 1 Tablespoon (By adding this, it will give a crispy texture)

4. Salt:1Tablespoon

5. Oil: 2 Tablespoons (enough for making dough and frying) 

6. Water: For mixing a soft dough   (around ¼ Cup)

Ingredients for making oil fried or air-fired will be the same, but the quantity of Oil needed for deep-fried is more, whereas, for air fried, only 2–3 teaspoons are enough. If you are a vegan, then you can replace oil with ghee.

Directions to make puris

In a short making puris mix all the ingredients into a soft dough and roll them into the disc and fry them.  

Instructions to make puris in the air fryer

Step 1: Making Puri Dough.

 Take wheat flour, salt, and ghee in to bowl and mix them well. By adding water, mix it into a soft dough and keep it aside for some time in the fridge.

Step 2: Take the dough out from the fridge and make it into small balls. By using a rolling pin, make them into a small disc.

 Step 3:To fry puris in an air fried, pre-heat it to 400 F for 5 min.

Step 4: Apply ghee or butter on the surface of the air fryer pan with a brush.

Step 5: Keep 3–4 puris in the fryer and spray ghee /oil on it, and close the fryer.

Step 6: fry them at 400 F for 5 min. Remove carefully and serve them with potato or chana curry.

Instructions to make puris in the Traditional method 

To make puris in traditional methods, follow steps 1-2, then follow the below instructions.

1. Heat oil in a pan to deep-fry.

2. After Oil gets heated up, deep-fry the puris until it becomes a golden brown color.

3. Take them out and keep them in tissue paper.

4. Serve puris with potato and chana curry.

How to serve air-fried puris 

Puris are one of the best breakfasts in Indian is served with smashed potato curry, chana curry, and mixed vegetable curry. You can also serve it with Halwa. All these recipes making are on our page. You can check them out.

Tips to make puffy puris

1. Pre-heating is very important for every two batches at 400 F.

2. If the temperature is low, puris will not puff, so maintain a high temperature.

3. I have tried it at 360 degrees Fahrenheit. The puris are very well-puffed and cooked, you can try it.

4. Applying Oil on the puris is an optional. If you apply oil, puris will be dark and shiny. 

5. The thickness of the disc should not be thick nor thin. If they are thick, they will not cook properly. If they are thin, they will get burned.

6. Apply some oil on the dough, which prevents sticking to hands and plates.


1. Is air fryer good for Indian cooking?

My answer is yes! You can use air fryers in Indian cooking, where you can cook appetizers, starters, and the main course.

2. Can you air fry instead of deep fry?

Air frying is better than deep-frying because it is a healthier option .here we use only 2–3 tablespoons of Oil to make it juicier. Whereas in deep-fry, we use nearly 5–6 cups of Oil.

3. Do air fryers take a lot of electricity?

Air fryers are the least electricity consumption appliances. Where it consumes less electricity than an oven. It may consume nearly 1550 watts of electricity in a month.

4. Do air fryer fries taste good?

Yes ! Air-fried fries are very crunchy, and puffed .you will not find any difference between them in taste.

5. What are the advantages of an air fryer?

i. Food will be cooked very fast compared to oven.

ii. It is a healthier cooking option.

iii. Item cooked will be very crispy and juicy.

iv. You can use it for meat fry which gives more taste.

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