Norwegian Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe

Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe

If you are on the hunt and looking for healthy and delicious seafood, look no further than the Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe. These ocean-grown salmon fishes are packed with useful omega-3 fatty acids and grown according to Norwegian standards.

 Here we will explore the Norwegian salmon fish industry and provide instructions to cook cold smoked salmon recipe.

Recipe NameNorwegian Cold Smoked Salmon
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time12 hours (Smoking time)
Additional Time48 hours (Curing time)
Total Time60 hours

Types of salmon suitable for smoking 

When it comes to smoked salmon, all types cannot be used for smoking because of their texture and tenderness. These are some of the types you can use for cold smoking.

Atlantic salmon

 Known for its high oil content, Atlantic salmon is a popular choice for smoking. The oil content adds to the rich flavor of the smoked salmon.

Chinook salmon

 Chinook salmon, or king salmon, is another excellent option for smoking. Chinook has a buttery texture which can be further enhanced by cold smoking.

Sockeye salmon

 With its bright red color and firm flesh, sockeye salmon is a great choice for smoking. This has a slightly nutty flavor which pairs well with the smoky taste.

Coho salmon

 Coho salmon, or silver salmon, has a milder flavor compared to other types of salmon, but this type will still work well for smoking.

Pink salmon

 Pink salmon is a smaller fish with less oil compared to other salmon types. Because  of less flavors this is a budget-friendly option.


  • Fresh salmon Fish fillets  (2-3 pounds)
  • 2 cups of kosher salt
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of black peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Norwegian Cold Smoked Salmon: Preparation, and Smoking Process

Bringing salmon

Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe

Brining is crucial in making a Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe. Brining helps in adding flavor to the fish .salmon fish is brained in a solution made of salt, sugar, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. 

This process not only helps add flavors but also helps preserve for a longer time by removing the moisture content inside the meat.

The time for bringing will depend on the thickness of the fillet. There is no thumb rule you can brine the salmon fillet for 12-24 hours.

After 12 hours, thoroughly remove the fillet from the brine solution and rinse with cold water.

 Pat dry it with a paper towel for 30 minutes.

Before the fillets dry in a paper towel, prepare the smoker by filling the wood and heating it to 70-80 degrees centigrade.

Smoking Process 

Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe

Once the smoker reaches desired temperature .now, place the fillets on the smoker and cook for 10-12 hours.

Once the smoking is finished, remove fillets from the smoker and rest them for 10 -15 minutes to attain room temperature.

With a sharp knife, slice into thin slices and serve with the desired side. 

Ways to serve cold smoked salmon recipe

There are many creative and delicious ways to serve cold smoked salmon than simply placing along with cheese.

Salmon dip

 serve smoked salmon with cream cheese, sour cream and lemon juice.

Cold smoked salmon toast

 spread avocado on a bread slice with sliced onion and caper, and top it with smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon salad

 mix smoked salmon with different veggies of your preference .add your favorite dressing to make it more healthy and flavourful.

Tips and Tricks cold smoked salmon recipe

  1. Use high-quality salmon for the best texture and flavor.
  2. Make sure to rinse the salmon thoroughly after brining to remove excess salt.
  3. Let the salmon air dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour before smoking to ensure that the surface is dry and will absorb the smoke.
  4. Experiment with different types of wood chips for smoking to find your preferred flavor profile.
  5. Monitor the smoker’s temperature closely to ensure that it stays between 70-80°F throughout the smoking process.
  6. Avoid smoking the salmon for too long, making it dry and over-smoked. 
  7. Check the fillet for 1–2 hours to remove it from the smoker if it attains desired smoking level.
  8. To get an even slice, use a sharp knife and cut against the grains of the fillet.


Making a Norwegian cold smoked salmon recipe is an art that requires more patience and attention. With the above techniques and tips, you can make a delicious dish that will sure to  impress.

Try it and Share your feedback in the comment section.


Do you need to cook Norwegian smoked salmon?

No, you don’t need to cook Norwegian cold smoked salmon, as it has already been smoked and cured. It is ready to eat as is, but it should be properly stored and handled to ensure safety.

How do you eat Norwegian smoked salmon?

Norwegian cold smoked salmon can be eaten as is or served with a variety of dishes. It’s commonly enjoyed on bagels with cream cheese, in salads, sushi rolls, or canapés, and can be used to add flavor to dips or omelets.

Is cold-smoked salmon cooked or raw?

Cold-smoked salmon is technically considered raw, as it hasn’t been cooked with heat. However, the smoking process helps to preserve and flavor the fish, making it safe to eat. It is important to properly handle and store cold-smoked salmon to avoid any potential foodborne illness.

Can you directly eat smoked salmon?

Yes, you can directly eat cold smoked salmon as it has already been smoked and cured. However, it is important to ensure that it has been properly stored and taken care to prevent any potential foodborne illness.

What’s the difference between Norwegian salmon and normal salmon?

Norwegian salmon is a specific type of salmon that is raised and harvested in Norway. It is known for its rich, flavorful taste and tender, flaky texture. “Normal” salmon refers to other types of salmon that can come from various locations and may have different characteristics in taste, texture, and appearance.

How do you warm up smoked salmon?

To warm up cold smoked salmon, you can gently heat it in a skillet over low heat or in the oven at a low temperature. 
Be sure to heat it slowly to avoid overcooking or drying out the fish.

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